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Happy Clients in In-Derm Skin Clinic, Chiswick, London

I had a wart and mole removal. Oxygen and Enzymes treatment (2 cycles of 3 treatments each). Mesotherapy (2 treatments). 
I suffered from deep acne since I was a teenager, scars and redness from the past acne have always been with me and over one year ago my acne came back as bad as when I was young. I got incredible results with Ewa's help.
Ewa is not only very professional but also very human and kind. 
I would suggest to anybody to get in contact with her at the In-Derm Skin Clinic. 

I chose the clinic for a number of reasons, Ewa was very professional and nice from the beginning, I felt at ease from the first visit, the treatments are very advanced, the clinic is very close to where I live and it's open on Sunday which is very handy.
Ewa combines professionalism and personal touch so well.


Skin tag removal.... not a process I knew much about until my GP explained it to me. In-DERM used electrolysis and the process was easy and successful. There was a pin-prick sensation which was quite bearable for each skin tag removed, varying sensitivity depending on the location - the armpit was a little sharp, but certainly not bad enough to deter me if I ever needed to get it done again. Excellent results. 

I went a bit further afield than my local area, because the local skin clinics had poor reviews while In-DERM had excellent ones, and was noticeably cheaper, too. The experience lived up to the reviews. Ewa was friendly and clear about the treatment and it was done quickly and efficiently. I cannot fault the experience.


I am very pleased with service and result of the treatment. Practitioner made me feel very relaxed as I am generally very nervous and anxious person. Price: good value for money. Clean, clinical. Will be back and definitely recommend. Thank you :)


Good. I also got an appointment really fast.


Mole and skin tag removal. Very professional, friendly atmosphere, great attention to detail. Good value for money. Would definitely recommend.


Brilliant service. Thank you for a great and professional approach. I have to say the way the customer is treated is really good and the treatments are done with great attention to details and in a friendly atmosphere. I would highly recommend the In-Derm skin clinic.


Advise on diet and healthy eating.


I didn't go to the clinic to receive specific treatment but more so for advice on healthy eating and changing my diet. It was a very good session and the person who I had the consultation was excellent. 


My experience was brilliant. First I had to fill in some details then I went to a room to have the consultation. The lady talked to me in depth about eating healthy and making the right food choices. She was friendly and really explained things well.

Sehrunisa UK

I came to see Ewa for milia removal, and she was so lovely! She talked me through the details of the treatment and advised me thoroughly on aftercare. The treatment itself is quite painful and Ewa took great care in ensuring I was as comfortable as I could be under the circumstance.

Excellent overall experience. I was looked after very well, Ewa is clearly knowledgeable and very skilled. Should I require any other treatments I will absolutely come back to her.

All in all, an excellent experience.

Ella UK

A refreshing change for laser hair removal.


Excellent. The appointment was on time, Ewa was very polite and friendly. During the consultation, Ewa listened to my history and was able to provide great advice. She provided full details on the treatment offered and that suggested I continue with laser hair removal. This was a refreshing change as my previous experience with another clinic left me feeling ripped off. I had to bring my 1 year old son and she was very patient and good with him.


I would highly recommend this clinic and found that Ewa provided exceptional and professional service with honest advice. The appointment was easy to book and I was contacted on the same day of my enquiry.

Charisma Uk

Five stars, love In-Derm Skin Clinic and Ewa for high quality products and variety of treatments. Ewa treats you individually, listen your needs and the most importantly can advice you the best option. Will definitely be back.


Extremely happy. I haven't finish my treatment yet. I just had the skin test for my laser treatment, and so far I am extremely happy with the service and the price. I would highly recommend it to anyone that needs


Amazing results after Ewa removed my skins tags on my neck it wasn't painful at all. I fell so confident to go without any scarf on my neck now.
Thanks Ewa


I have been the client of this clinic for a very very long time and I will always come back here. My beautician-Ewa is super professional and very knowledgeable. The service she provides is superb. She answers all the questions, explains the procedure of the treatment in detail. She's also very friendly and understanding, makes sure you feel comfortable when having any kind of treatment. 
The clinic itself is is very clean and has high standards of hygiene.
I would definitely recommend to family and friends,

Ewelina Uk

Had one of the best facials ever and awarded it 5 star. There was no facial massage involved (I am guessing its because they call it medical facial) but my skin was OMG! so smooth! Thank you.

Lesley, London

I had treatment for a verruca- electrolysis. The treatment appears to be working well and the service was very friendly.
I would recommend their services - reasonably priced, friendly and effective.

Rob, London

Excellent service. The venue is very easy to find and extremely clean. The staff was great, very knowledgeable and professional. Treatment was very meticulous. Very satisfied.


Excellent results - first ever treatment of this kind.

(Oxygen Rx)


Very easy to find, just off the road from Chiswick Park tube station and inside a multi centre with different clinics/beauty businesses. Great service with very knowledgeable team member, who has been practicing for years.


I now have a smooth tag free neck.

I initially contacted the clinic by e-mail after reading some positive reviews. I had a prompt reply with price list. I had several small skin tags on my neck which I was desperate to have removed. I was offered a free consultation the following day.

I met Ewa who was very professional. I decided to have them removed on the day following the consultation. I was thrilled with results and no pain. Healing about 4 days. Would highly recommend. I now have a smooth tag free neck.
Excellent pain free experience. Pleasant treatment room.


Removal of seborrheic warts


Very efficient and practically painless. The operator went to a great deal of trouble to establish medical history and previous treatments. I was also given useful information regarding care of areas treated.

Excellent. Perfect service from the initial telephone contact through to the efficient treatment which was carried out promptly and with very good results. The clinic is very well located being very close to an underground station and also a car park.

Juanita, London

Nice place, nice staff, very honest.

Luca, UK

Very easy to find, just by the side of the tube station. There are a number of different treatment rooms, each rented out to different companies. The electrolysis was not painful and the ambience very clean and sterile.

Would recommend.


Treatment itself was quick and painless. Electrolysis to remove skin tag / wart.
Quick to get appointment, easy to find, bright clean clinic, seen promptly with comprehensive questionnaire and review. Very clear explanation of process and what to expect. Treatment itself was quick and painless - most was removed there and then leaving a tiny redness / scab that was as described and totally disappeared within days. Would definitely recommend and use again.


I had a Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal and have awarded it 5 stars.


The best clinic I've been to. The staff is very nice, Ewa makes you feel comfortable and because she completely loves her job, that makes her very good in this field. The treatments work and the results I had were amazing. I highly recommend them!


I am delighted having found this clinic. Its owner, Ewa, is helping me to make the most of my skin and I trust her time and again to come up with good advice and treatments according to my questions and demands. The clinic itself is lovely and clean and it's a treat to go for some Me-time there.

Ewa deserves to do really well. Oh and it's really easy to find from Chiswick Park Station.


Mole/ skin tag removal. Always provides a professional, efficient and high-quality service. I'd highly recommend her to anyone with a similar issue.


I called for a skin tag removal and managed to book an appointment for the same day, when I arrived I completed the forms went through a detailed pre-procedure consultation then the tag was removed after all consents we signed. 
Convenient and easy to find, very professional and clean clinic.


Professional staff.


I have walked away with a new confidence.

My consultation was a highly professional and beneficial experience. I was given invaluable advice on how to combat my skin problems with a particular emphasis on prevention at the source rather than external treatment which exactly what I was looking for. It was completely free with no hidden costs or pressure to buy products and I have walked away with a new confidence in my efforts. Would recommend highly!


Oxygen treatment. Great experience.


My first visit to In-Derm was relaxed and professional. I felt I was in good hands and the treatment was effective


I had a great oxygen facial with Ewa! She was informative and made sure I knew each step before starting the process. It was such a comfortable experience that I'm pretty sure I fell asleep! I left feeling rejuvenated and very relaxed. I definitely recommend it.

Meshellae Payne

I had quite a positive experience at the clinic and I honestly don't have any complaints. The people I dealt with were very helpful and friendly. The reason I chose to go to the clinic was that I read somewhere that I could get a free consult. I would definitely recommend it.


Excellent service


Completely professional.


Ewa is really friendly and puts you at ease straight away, and her knowledge in electrolysis is brilliant.


Professional treatment, expert advice delivered with charm.


Very straightforward process (a small and medium skin tag removed) and all healed very nicely. Wouldn't even know I had them!


Very happy with the electrolysis sessions. Ewa was extremely friendly and professional and my skin had cleared up perfectly by the next morning.


No pressure to proceed with treatment after consultation. Quick and not painful removal of skin tags. Friendly and knowledgeable aesthetician.


Excellent care and professional treatment. Ewa is friendly and efficient and it’s as pain free as it can be!


Always a pleasure, healing nicely and looking fresher. Amazing service.


Friendly, efficient and extremely professional.


Amazing clinic with friendly staff. Highly recommend.


I went to remove my syringomas. Ewa was knowledgeable and professional. Overall, I am quite happy with the service received.


I am happy with my results and the products she suggested me. Highly recommend as in only one visit I had my skin cleard up as I had mild acne. I did put an effort to change my diet as it was advised by the specialist. I gain my confidence back thanks.


Ewa was extremely helpful. She took her time to explain all different aspects of skin care and diet. Such a lovely person with good vibes. I will be back for other treatments.


Very professional, efficient and personable. Highly recommend.


Professional, quick and friendly treatment as always by accomplished and charming therapist.


Ewa always does such a fantastic job. Highly recommend ..


Ewa is fantastic. Efficient, personable and a true professional. I would definitely recommend.


I have been a regular customer at this clinic for some time now. I get the ACP electrolysis treatment for removal of any milia, skin tags or dermatosis papulosa nigra on face/neck. Ewa is brilliant! She is very skilled, as well as a lovely, friendly person that makes me feel relaxed. I love that there are student discounts as well as referral discounts, as every little helps as a student! I am happy with the results. I highly recommend her and this clinic.


I liked this visit. Ewa is a true professional as well as a good person! She really helped me with my problem through advice on skin caring and by explaining the cause of the problem.


Very happy with the procedure and impressed by the professionalism. Thank you.


Amazing!! Thank you. I’ll be back.


Highly recommended. I have been coming to In-Derm since it opened and have always been delighted with the treatments.


Great treatment as always. Efficient professional and quick.


Clean, efficient & friendly.


I needed to have some skin tags removed and I wanted a local clinic. This one had good reviews, so I booked my appointment here. The treatment worked and I paid the same price they quoted initially. There weren’t any additional charges. 

When I got there, I thought the clinic looked lovely and clean. I also liked their decor. Eva, the woman who did the skin tag removal, was very thorough in her approach. There was no need for follow-ups afterward.


Excellent treatment. Ewa has removed the mole next to my eye very delicately and precisely. Thank you very much.


I had a seamless experience with Ewa and would recommend her series to anyone!


I have been coming here for almost a year now for Electrolysis treatment on my chin. I would recommend Ewa to anybody; she is very friendly and makes you feel welcome and relaxed right from the start which puts your mind at ease if you’re a little nervous about having this treatment, which I was to begin with. Friendly, professional and very clean salon, would highly recommend!


Professional and efficient treatment as always.


I was there to removed 5 moles and EWA did an amazing job. She was very quick, nice and friendly. I going back soon. I highly recommend that clinic.


Very quick and highly effective electrolysis treatment for my sebaceous hyperplasia. Friendly and welcoming. Highly recommended!


My treatment at the In-Derm Skin Clinic was taken of by Eva who removed a couple of skin tags using electrolysis technique. A consummate professional, putting the clients well-being first, Eva was extremely clear & concise when explaining the workings of the procedure. Also to mention, gave helpful instructions over the phone how to find the clinic. I'm highly pleased with the service & very happy to recommend.


After speaking with Ewa on the phone, she gave me all the information regarding the treatment including aftercare. I went ahead, very impressed with Ewa and the treatment she provided.
She was very patient and understanding and I would have no hesitation in recommending the In-Derm Skin Clinic.


Ewa was really lovely and presents information about treatments with clarity and complete honesty. Highly recommended.


Very informative, not heavy sales banter, planning our treatments for the tight time after summer vacations.


Ewa is amazing. From beginning to end, she made me feel comfortable and answered any questions I had relating to the procedure. I went in for syringoma removal with electrolysis, and was hesitant about the treatment, but am so far happy with the results. I will be seeing her again for a second treatment since some of my syringomas are still noticeable. Thank you for being so lovely Ewa! 


Very professional and does an excellent job.


My second time in 2 months and more satisfied than the first time. I high recommend to everyone.


Highly recommend Ewa, always professional and explains everything in detail. Ewa makes you feel comfortable and at ease before she begins the procedure. Thank you.