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  • Consultation
    CONSULTATIONS In order to effectively address your skin concerns, we require that the consultation is your first port of call. Choose one depending on your concerns. We offer online and in the clinic consultations. —IN THE CLINIC— FOR SKIN CONCERNS: Acne, Ageing , Pigmentation, Rosacea BESPOKE SKIN consultation with DIGITAL SKIN ANALYSIS 45min……..£50 Redeemable against treatment or products purchased within 3 months. Additional PATCH TEST for IPL treatments £30 (redeemable against first treatment) BESPOKE SKIN consultation with DIGITAL SKIN ANALYSIS and customised treatment 1h30min…..……………………………………………..……..…£125 (consultation fee has been redeemed already here) FOR HAIR REMOVAL AND BLEMISH REMOVAL CONCERNS: ELECTROLYSIS / BLEMISH REMOVAL consultation 30min…...£30 Redeemable against treatments purchased within 3 months. FOR IPL treatments including Patch Test: Broken Veins, Rosacea, Pigmentation, Rejuveantion, Acone, IllumiFacial………...£50 Redeemable against treatments purchased within 3 months. —ONLINE— ONLINE consultation via zoom or over the phone 30min………...£30 We recommend that this is your last resort for a consultation as we won’t be able as give you as anccurate advice as if we saw you in the clinic. After booking an online consultation you will receive a from via email and you will need to send us good quality photos of the area/s of your concern.
  • Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal
    The only FDA approved method for per manent hair removal. Electrolysis works by insertion of a tiny probe into the hair follicle. The aim of all this method is to damage the base of the growing hair in order to cut off the blood supply and nutrition to the hair, preventing any new growth from developing. The technique is selective and no damage should occur to surrounding tissues. Multiple treatments are required for best results. Our Electrologists are BIAE members. Up to 15min- £45 Up to 30min- £70 Up to 45min- £95 Up to 60min- £120
  • Cosmetic Blemish Removal with Advanced Electrolysis
    Probably the least invasive, minimal an d effective method of treatment for such wide variety of blemishes electrolysis has got to be the most sensible and safe choice. Results are often instantaneous, pleasing and life changing. Treatable skin blemishes: Skin Tags | Moles | Millia | Beauty spots | Keratosis | Dermatosis | Warts | Papulosa Nigra | Cherry Angiomas | Blood spots | Molluscum contagiosum | Sebaceous cysts | Sebaceous hyperplasia | Spider naevus | Thread veins | Syringoma | Xanthelasma | Dermatofibroma Mole removal/ reduction- £100 each All other blemishes: Up to 15min- £120 Up to 30min- £170 Up to 45min- £220 Up to 60min- £260
  • illumiFacial
    illumiFacial® is the ‘next generation’ of the highly successful ‘Photofacial’ treatment, using a new and unique combination of specialist Tri-Fruit Acid Peel together with powerful, medical-grade Lynton IPL technology. This quick and simple facial treatment dramatically improves skin tone and appearance, helping your skin feel and look its best. Patch test required. Full Face & Neck - £230 Full Face, Neck and Décolleté - £280 Décolleté - £180
  • IPL Skin Rejuvenation
    Skin Rejuvenation treatments offer a solution for all the visible signs of ageing caused by sun damage, such as brown spots (pigmentation), redness (thread veins) and uneven skin texture, lines and wrinkles. Patch test required. Half Face - £180 Full Face - £200 Full Face and Neck - £250 Full Face, Neck and Décolleté - £300 Décolleté Only - £180 Hands - £150 Neck Only - £150
  • IPL Vascular / Pigmentation Treatment
    We can provide a long term solution to facial problems such as red flushing (Rosacea), thread veins and red spots in just a few quick and easy treatments. Pigmented lesions such as sun spots and freckles can be successfully removed creating a more flawless, youthful and glowing appearance. Patch test required. Single Lesion - £75 Cheeks - £100 Cheeks & Nose - £150 Half Face - £180 Full Face - £200 Full Face and Neck - £250 Full Face, Neck and Décolleté - £300 Décolleté Only - £180 Hands - £150
  • IPL Acne Treatment
    Acne can be effectively treated with Intense Pulsed Light alone or in combination with other clinical treatments. Intense Pulsed Light treatments greatly reduce the number and severity of active lesions, lessening the inflammation and frequency of break-outs. Patch test required. Half Face - £95 Full Face - £150 Shoulders - £150 Décolleté - £150 Full Back - £250
  • Remodel Skin Tightening with Radiofrequency
    Remodel RF treatments will help to lift and tighten your skin. You will see a softening of fine lines and wrinkles as well as lifting in the cheeks and tightening of the jawline. Small Area (eyes/ mouth).. £65 Half Face.…………………… £95 Full Face.……………………. £125 Full Face & Neck.…………… £160 Full Face, Neck & Décolleté... £230
  • AlumierMD Targeted Facial Treatments
    Enzyme Retexturing Treatment | £85 This treatment is a highly effective fruit enzyme resurfacing solution. The unique blend of fruit enzymes exfoliates dead skin cells and promotes skin renewal using brightening enhancers. The result is a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, while soothing and maintaining hydration. Post care kit included. Detox Clear Treatment | £85 Detox Clear contains salicylic acid and lactic acid for excellent pore penetration and exfoliation. Salicylic acid penetrates into the pore and exfoliates dead skin cells and excess sebum. Lactic acid exfoliates dead skin cells and hydrates. Eucalyptus provides strong astringent properties which work to smooth skin, minimise pore size, reduce acne and prevent new pimples from forming. Post care kit included.
  • Oxygen RX Brightening Treatment
    Enzyme and Oxygen Treatments combined together for extra exfoliation and rejuvenation. Perfect for all skin types and especially good for brighteningskin without the use of acids. A magnesium blend is used after an enzyme peel to create a stunning glow for all skin types. Fabulous before special occasions and to calm acneic skin….£99
  • SWiCH Dermal Rejuvenation
    SWiCH™ is based on physiological principle of indicating the natural repair system of the skin to become active. This will help with restoration of sun damaged, ageing skin. A scientific breakthrough that helps enhance mitochondrial function and restores skin’s youthful appearance. SWiCH™ Dermal Rejuvenation System is a treatment that performs beyond the results achievable with nonsurgical peels. Single treatment- £125 Course of 3- £345 Course of 6- £630
  • Firming Peptide Treatment
    Renew and revitalize your skin with potent anti-ageing peptides, powerful antioxidants, stem cells and botanicals. Infuse the skin with intelligent ingredients that will stimulate new cell growth, repair and rejuvenate all skin types leaving a firm, luminous glow. Skin Type Indications: Advanced signs of age, dull, sagging and UV damage Single treatment- £110
  • Customised Chemical Skin Peels
    The ultimate resurfacing treatments. Get set to glow with a customised peel that helps to boost the skin’s cellular renewal leaving the skin refreshed, smooth, plump and glowing. Our bespoke peels are customised to the skin needs and desired outcomes. These no downtime peels use AlumierMD peels, containing pure acids, antioxidants, anti-ageing and brightening ingredients that are applied to improve texture and tone, revealing radiant, soft and luminous skin. Suitable for all skin types. Concerns that can be treated: Ageing | Rosacea | Acne | Congestion | Pigmentation | Dryness | Oily | Open Pores | Scarring Every treatment includes an AlumierMD post peel prescription kit of skincare products to enhance and maintain the benefits of the treatment | £125
  • Fractional Mesotherapy with DERMAPEN 4
    Advanced collagen stimulation therapy and the introduction of traditional pharmaceuticals, vitamins, minerals, growth factors, biomimetic peptides, and amino acids into the skin to target specific conditions. This treatment stimulates natural responses within your skin that over time help to regenerate it, leaving you with natural, long-lasting & outstanding results for photo-damaged skin, facial & decollete lines and wrinkles, acne scarring and stretch marks. Small Area (lips or eyes, etc) | £140 Face | £240 Face & Neck | £310 Face, Neck & Décolleté | £390
  • Growth Factor Facial
    The Endocare Growth Factor Facial is an invigorating and intense collagen boosting facial which stimulates collagen production in three ways to physically and visibly rejuvenate ageing skin: • Endocare growth factor technologies • Micro-needling skin surface renewal • Lift and sculpt massage Single treatment- £150
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