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Fractional Mesotherapy with Dermapen4

Dermapen 4
The world’s leading microneedling brand.

Dermapen 4 ™ microneedling device delivers the ultimate in advanced microneedling treatments and can create an impressive 1,920 microchannels per second and is up to 104% faster than any other microneedling device on the market.

  • The micro-injuries trigger a natural process of repair, increasing the production of collagen and elastin and visibly improving a wide range of skin concerns.

  • Dermapen™ technology has significant benefits over derma-rolling and fractional laser treatments, due to  minimal trauma to your your skin. 

  • Dermapen™ microneedling gives skin the chance to spend more effort fighting the ailment itself, rather than any damage caused by the procedure. 

Fractional Mesotherapy combines two concepts, the first being advance collagen stimulation therapy with Dermapen4 and the second, the introduction of vitamins, minerals, growth factors, biomimetic peptides, and amino acids into the skin to target specific conditions.

Skin Needling or Collagen stimulation or Collagen Induction Therapy as it is also known, has long been a popular and effective treatment. Originally performed via a dermaroller, in recent years advancements have progressed from a hand held device to an electronic device that offers not only superior results but has also resulted in an increase in comfort for the individual receiving the treatment.

It is important to remember that not all practitioners offering electronic skin needling treatments are performing a Fractional Mesotherapy treatment. Fractional Mesotherapy is a specialist treatment undertaken by practitioners that have specialist knowledge and training in Mesotherapy, providing the skill and ability to treat each client’s individual condition, resulting in the best possible outcome.

The Mesotherapy products that are used within the treatments are of the highest quality, and contain the most advanced ingredients, and unique formulas. When Mesotherapy is combined with collagen stimulation, the results supersede standard dermal roller or electronic needling results.

​Ideal for:

  • Skin Tightening 

  • Natural Collagen Induction 

  • Skin lifting and rejuvenation

  • Reducing wrinkles and fine lines 

  • Reducing pigmentation and sun damage 

  • Improving Stretch Marks 

  • Reducing acne scars, surgical scars and wound healing  

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Dermapen vertical needle insertion and adjustable needle depth ensures the fastest recovery period of any skin modality.

The typical recovery time:

UP TO 24 HOURS - redness, slight swelling, petechiae

1-2 DAYS - mild redness, petechiae, reduced swelling, minor itching, dry/tight sensation.

2-3 DAYS - reduced redness, fading of petechiae, little swelling and itching, minor skin flaking

3-4 DAYS - potential slight dryness

4-5 DAYS - full recovery .


  • Direct UV exposure (sun and tanning beds)

  • Intensive cardio and exercise

  • Further clinical treatments like microdermabrasion , laser, IPL, chemical skin peels, Botox and fillers

  • Tatooing (including cosmetic tattooing)

  • Applying high dosage of active ingredients like AHA’s, BHA’s, benzoyl perioxide etc. Use only post procedure products provided during the treatment.

  • Excessively hot showers, bathing, spas or sauna.

  • Spray or self tanning.

  • Swimming in chlorinated pools or the ocean.


  • Active acne or papules and pustules in the treatment area. 

  • Active Herpes infection (cold sore), solar keratoses, other active cutaneous inflammation or infection, psoriasis or eczema in the treatment area.

  • Prone to keloid scars

  • Patients taking anticoagulant therapy for example Warfarin with unstable blood levels and an abnormal clotting profile.

  • Patients with or with a history of skin cancer.

  • Patients with or with a history of other forms of cancer. 

  • Patients with an impaired immune system due to immunosuppressive disease or medication such chemotherapy, radiotherapy or high doses of corticosteroids, and uncontrolled diabetes mellitus.

  • Patients taking oral prescription retinoids such as Roaccutane should not have the treatment until 6 months after stopping the medication.

  • Patients who are pregnant or breast-feeding are also contraindicated for this treatment.


Small Area (lips or eyes) - £140 

Face - £240 

Face & Neck - £310

Face, Neck & Décolleté - £390


Dermapen micrineedling
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